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On Shifting Ground with Ray Suarez

A co-production of World Affairs and KQED

Geopolitical turmoil. A warming planet. Authoritarians on the rise. We live in a chaotic world that’s rapidly shifting around us. “On Shifting Ground with Ray Suarez” explores international fault lines and how they impact us all. Each week, NPR veteran Ray Suarez hosts conversations with journalists, leaders and policy experts to help us read beyond the headlines—and give us hope for human resilience.

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Listen to the show every Monday night at 10:00 PM Pacific Time on KQED public radio (88.5 FM) in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re also syndicated on NPR and PRX stations across the US.

About our host

Ray Suarez

Acclaimed journalist, author, and public speaker Ray Suarez hosts “On Shifting Ground with Ray Suarez,” a co-production of World Affairs and KQED-FM. He also covers Washington for the English-language all-news network Euronews. In his long and distinguished career, Ray has hosted NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” Al Jazeera America’s daily news program “Inside Story” and was Chief National Correspondent for the PBS NewsHour.


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