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Who we are

World Affairs is an independent, non-partisan forum that brings people together to turn global ideas into local action.

Our mission is to serve the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond by connecting communities to the rest of the world, inspiring new ideas and local action.

At World Affairs, we’re a guide, you’re the solution .

Everything we do has a global impact.

That’s why World Affairs is here. It is where you can go to connect around solutions, stories, and people that invite you to open your mind ever wider. To explore and be inspired for individual and collective impact. World Affairs is where the change you want to see in the world can start and where global learning can spur personal action.

Are you a lifelong learner interested in hearing from experts on international topics? A student eager to broaden your worldview? An avid podcast listener looking for inspiring stories? A global citizen searching for a like-minded community and opportunities for action? Then World Affairs is the place for you.

We have a deep archive of programs, presentations and broadcasts and are always working on new programming.

Keep reading to see what you can do with us.

We are a California not-for-profit, public benefit organization recognized under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

What You Can Do With Us

ENGAGE in person and virtually with leading experts from around the globe

JOIN a community action circle to make an impact in your community (coming soon!)

DISCOVER captivating people and compelling ideas with our podcast and radio show

ENROLL in youth-centered civic and leadership programs

INVEST in global philanthropy and social-impact causes as part of a dynamic and evolving network

Our History

World Affairs was founded in 1947 in San Francisco, following the historic conference that established the United Nations in 1945.

Our speakers have included distinguished heads of state, rising global thought leaders and experts on such vital topics as international affairs, economy, security, development, human rights, health, climate change and technology. To name just some examples: President Bill Clinton, Leon Panetta, Samantha Power, Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Desmond Tutu, Michelle Bachelet, Muhammad Yunus, Fiona Hill, Senator Chris Murphy and Ambassador Susan Rice.