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The Man Who Runs The World: Xi Jinping’s China

January 30, 2023

Sue-Lin Wong 

Jan. 30, 2023 — “On Shifting Ground” host Ray Suarez has just returned from a four-month stint living in Shanghai. There, he had a front-row seat to draconian lockdowns, the White Paper Protests, and Xi Jinping’s triumphant acceptance of a third term, cementing the Chinese President’s vision for the country’s future. On his way out of China, Ray witnessed the country’s chaotic exit from “Zero-Covid”, as Beijing scrambled to face the deadly fallout.

What is Xi Jinping’s plan to reset China, and how do we make sense of his enigmatic rule?

Sue-Lin Wong, a reporter from The Economist, joined Ray for a livestreamed discussion of the consolidation of power by the Chinese Communist Party, and its national and global implications. Wong is also the host of the magazine’s hit podcast “The Prince: Searching for Xi Jinping.

“In order for us to better understand China,” said Sue-Lin Wong, “we have to better understand the Chinese Communist Party and who Xi Jinping is, because that impacts how China interacts with the world.”

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