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Remembering Alexei Navalny…

February 16, 2024

Daniel Roher 

February 16, 2024 — SPECIAL RELEASE

On February 16, 2024, the Russian prison service reported that Alexei Navalny had died, and offered no further explanation.

The cause of death hasn’t yet been reported, but since the news broke, world leaders have started speaking out against Vladimir Putin… and it brings a new round of scrutiny to the Russian dictator.

In May 2022, Ray sat down with documentarian Daniel Roher to chat “Navalny,” his new film following the famed Russian opposition leader’s recovery from a Kremlin-sponsored assassination attempt and his ongoing search for justice. The film took home the Academy Award for best documentary last year.

To remember the life and political career of Alexei Navalny, we’re revisiting Ray’s conversation with Daniel Roher.

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