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Our community is looking for fresh perspectives and insights to understand our ever-changing world—and find ways to make meaningful contributions together. Commonwealth Club World Affairs is a place of connection, ideas, and action, with outstanding programs and broadcasts that will give you tools and opportunities to shape our world for the better. Come join us.

Connect, learn and act with us as a World Affairs member.

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Join our community of members in Northern California—and beyond—who want to help solve global challenges through local action. World Affairs is a hub where you can open your mind ever wider, as you hear stories, discover solutions and connect with like-minded people. Our public programs offer in-depth insight and inspire action, both individual and collective. Our podcast and radio show features fascinating experts who explain what’s happening in the world and the nuances behind the headlines. And our extraordinary mentors guide the high school and college students in our education programs through workshops, public service projects, team-building activities, and more.

At Commonwealth Club World Affairs, we’re a guide. You’re the solution. Join us.

Learn more about our membership levels and choose the one that’s right for you. Ready to begin or renew your membership? Click the link below to get started. For questions about membership, email us at

Please note that because of IRS regulations, we are unable to accept payments from donor-advised funds for Commonwealth Club World Affairs memberships. Contact your donor-advised fund representative for further information.