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Kerning Cultures Presents: Armenian Pilgrimages

February 16, 2023

Nubar Alexanian, Abby Alexanian, Carel Bertram, Armen Aroyan, Annie Kahkejian 

Feb. 16, 2023 — A father and daughter journey to their ancestral homeland, looking to track down the place their family had lived before being forced to flee the Armenian genocide.

Armenian Pilgrimages: A Journey to the Homeland, comes from Kerning Cultures, a podcast telling stories from the Middle East, North Africa, and the spaces in between.

As a postscript to this story – Nubar ended up going back, on a second trip to historic Armenia. This time with a camera crew and a fixer. He wanted to see if he could buy his grandmother’s plot of land.

The film’s not out yet, but you can watch the trailer at

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