Sonia Quesada - Commonwealth Club – World Affairs of California
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Sonia Quesada

Operations Manager

Sonia Quesada joined World Affairs in 2022 as the part-time operations manager. She is thankful to work with this smart, creative, and inspiring team of people who care about their local and global communities, and who make our world a better place.

In past lives, Sonia taught English to graduate students in Turkey, fundraised for an NGO, helped build small houses in Mexico, and worked for an international shipping corporation. She has a bachelor’s degree in international relations with a minor in Spanish, a master’s degree in linguistics and language development, and a professional certificate in editing. Sonia has lived in the Philippines, Mexico, Turkey, and Macau.

She enjoys cheering on her son and his basketball team, walking her cat, and getting to know people beneath the surface.