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Emerging Leaders Club: Big Tech, AI & the EU

June 8, 2023: European Union’s chief West Coast representative on tech, Gerard de Graaf, dives deep on the EU’s digital approach.

June 8, 2023

6:00—7:30 PM PT

World Affairs Lounge: 312 Sutter Street, Second Floor San Francisco, CA 94108

World Affairs

Got concerns about the latest tech developments and all the AI chatter? Skeptical of the impact of regulation on the exponential innovation of machine learning? Interested in how the world’s largest single market plans to govern the digital ecosystem? Come to our next Emerging Leaders Club night and hear from the European Union’s chief West Coast representative on tech and connect with fellow Bay Area young global enthusiasts.

World Affairs is proud to host Gerard de Graaf, Senior Envoy for Digital to the U.S. and Head of the EU Office in San Francisco for our Emerging Leaders Club, the home of our 35 and under community. On Thursday, June 8 at 6:00 PM PT at World Affairs, Gerard will share the latest on the EU’s plans for a digital future and how Silicon Valley is reacting.

Given its size and importance as the third largest economy worldwide, the EU’s regulatory charge has the potential to reshape the global digital landscape. Last year’s passage of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act have wide reaching aims for minimizing illegal content and disinformation and ensuring competition by reducing the power of the largest tech firms. Now, the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act is at the forefront of legislation to harness powerful AI developments.

Bring yourselves and your questions and we’ll bring the drinks and snacks!

About World Affairs’ Emerging Leaders Club
Our new Emerging Leaders Club (launched in February, 2023) is a space for our 35 and under community to build connections, share inspiring insights and collaborate to turn global ideas into local action. Are you a young professional looking for a home base to meet people like you with a shared passion for global issues? Do you believe the San Francisco Bay Area can have an impact in responding to today’s big global challenges? Then come find your place at World Affairs. Join the Emerging Leaders Club LinkedIn group here.

Gerard de Graaf, Senior Envoy for Digital to the U.S. and head of the EU office in San Francisco

Up-to-date vaccination is required to attend this program. For more information, check out our COVID-19 safety page. For questions about this program, email us at communications@worldaffairs.org.