Mateo Schimpf - Commonwealth Club World Affairs of California
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Mateo Schimpf

Senior Radio and Podcast Producer

Mateo Schimpf has all five senses but prefers the one involving sound. In 2017, he left behind a career in environmental consulting to pursue audio and visual storytelling in Latin America. From Mexico City, Mateo co-founded a video production company, Poco a Poco, where he helped tell the stories of farmers, migrants, and artists in the region. When Mateo returned stateside in 2019, he launched a music video series for local artists shot in iconic and sometimes abandoned locations around Colorado.

Mateo is a producer for the WorldAffairs podcast and radio program, where he handles engineering, sound design, and post-production duties. He was previously an Associate Producer for eTown in Boulder, and has produced for America’s Test Kitchen podcast, Proof and Denver-based podcast, Low Orbit.

You’re likely to find Mateo at a poorly lit bar, listening to sad songs and nursing a glass of mezcal.