Angela Espinosa - Commonwealth Club – World Affairs of California
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Angela Espinosa

Outreach Program Officer, Education Program

Angela Cecilia Espinosa, PhD, brings over 10 years of experience in educational outreach teaching to World Affairs. Her interest in all things global started at an early age, following her mother to work at the Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR) at the University of Denver and spending summers with her father’s family in Mexico. Trained as a scholar of Latin American literature, she has presented her research in both the US and abroad. Nevertheless, her passion is to bring her academic knowledge to communities of color, most notably with Artes de Mexico en Utah in Salt Lake City and US-Brazil Connect in a partnership between the cities of Denver and Porto Velho (Brazil). She is committed to making World Affairs’ Global Citizen Certificate program accessible to youth of color in the East Bay.

Prior to joining World Affairs, Angela taught in the Department of Chicanx Studies and served as a Faculty Consultant for CommUniverCity at San Jose State University. She completed her BA at CU-Boulder and her MA and PhD at UC-Irvine.

Known as a “culture vulture” among her friends, Angela enjoys seeking out arts, music, and dance events in her spare time.