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  • Team

  • Dr. Gloria Duffy

    Co-President and Co-CEO Gloria C. Duffy, alongside Co-President and Co-CEO Philip Yun, oversees Commonwealth Club World Affairs (CCWA)'s organizational strategy,…

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  • Sarah Howard

    Sarah is an entrepreneur, storyteller and social innovator. Her passion for understanding systems has led her across the globe to…

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  • Joy Koo

    Cynthia Joy Koo is Program Strategist at World Affairs, applying her creativity and curiosity to develop thought-provoking programs with inspiring colleagues. Previously, Joy was…

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  • Jarrod Sport

    Jarrod Sport graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in Legal Studies. But his degree didn't…

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  • John Karr

    John Karr leads World Affairs’ program on regional inclusion and sustainability, which aims to draw more diverse voices into international trade…

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