John Karr - World Affairs Council of Northern California
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John Karr


John Karr leads World Affairs’ program on regional inclusion and sustainability, which aims to draw more diverse voices into international trade and policy dialogues. Over the course of his career, John has worked in partnership with government, the private sector, and civil society to help support the Asia Pacific’s economic and political transition to a more inclusive and sustainable footing. He has developed and led structural reform programs to promote more innovative and dynamic local economies; expand digital trade in the region; and address cyber risks including the threat of online mis- and disinformation.
John has written and published on technology issues and regional growth, the future of work—including the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the workforce in ASEAN countries—and the cyber, social and economic risks associated with online mis- and disinformation. He has worked on projects throughout the broader Asia-Pacific region in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Chile, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and North Korea.