2010 Conference

Defy Barriers, Effect Change: Access to Health, Food and Water

Despite a last minute curveball thrown by the Icelandic volcano eruption, members of the Global Philanthropy Forum―at least those not stranded in airports worldwide―convened once again in Redwood City to share knowledge, learn about cutting edge solutions to ever present challenges and to contribute to this growing community of philanthropists and social investors dedicated to making a difference. GPF members are strategic in the way they allocate their resources, globally focused, agile, deliberate and deeply inspiring in their commitment to social change.

GPF’s 9th Annual Conference addressed pressing global issues such as access to safe water and sanitation, health and food security. As these issues intersect a broad range of societal challenges, the conference considered the links between violent conflict and the stresses of poverty, the need to mitigate climate change, scale and sustainability and access to financial capital. As with each conference, GPF emphasized the need to think of collaborations and partnerships as key building blocks to any lasting solution. Finally, given the scarcity of available resources, it emphasized the need to think outside the box by considering innovations in design thinking as a key driver for solutions.

Those who could not attend joined us via live webstream from across the globe.

Gebisa Ejeta, Distinguished Professor of Agronomy, Purdue University and Robert Zeigler, Director General and CEO, International Rice Research Institute